Motivation Quotes on Progress

Progress is an essential part of life.

To survive in today’s world we should keep progressing. It is an important element of survival. If one can not learn to the take the steps of progress than he will stay behind forever.

But progress isn’t easy. It is not achieved within a night. It is the little efforts which one put each day, consistently, to shape the success which we always dream of.

Today we are providing such quotes which help you to redefine the steps of progress.

True strength is being able to hold it all together when everyone is expecting you to fall apart.


The strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose.


Everyone has the desire to win but only champions have the desire to prepare.


You can’t grab the future while holding the past.


Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.


Practice until you are the best. Practice to remain the best.


I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.


Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else.


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.


If there is no struggle, there is no progress.


Changes call for innovation and innovation leads to progress.


Progress is a nice word. But change is it’s motivator. And change has it’s enemies.


Progress is the attraction that moves humanity.


Discontent is the first necessity of progress.


I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.


Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.


The power to question is the basis of all human progress.


All progress is precarious and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem.


Life is short and progress is slow.


The greatest enemy of progress is the illusion of knowledge.



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