Beautiful Birthday Cards Messages

Beautiful Birthday Cards Messages

Birthday is a special day in every persons life. This day is filled with wishes, gifts, happiness and lots of fun. We gets wishes from all our near and dear ones. The day is packed with all sorts of excitement. To add up in all these, getting birthday cards is what excites us too. They stand completely different from others. It shows that someone really took time out to make us happy. So here comes few cards messages to boost the amount on joy on birthdays.


I was going to get you nice birthday card, then i remembered that you are cunt
You are such a beautiful person inside and out
Happy Birthday
May our
This is a wish
Hope your birthday is filled with happiness and joy

Beautiful Birthday Cards Messages

The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything.

If there were a way to measure love on a scale, there would be no scale large enough to measure my love for you. Every birthday you have is the first day of the rest of my life.

My life is amazing because you are part of it. Have a wonderful Birthday from your best friend…

In the spring of your life the sun shines bright, in the winter of your life, it’s constant white-outs!

You could teach classes on how to be a best friend. Have a great day!

In no way could I ever repay you for being the amazing soul that you are.

As my friend, I hold you close to my heart. Happy big day; you deserve it.

I thought I would leave you a while to come to terms with your age before sending your Birthday gift this year. Happy Belated Birthday!

I feel like we’ve known each other for a million years; you’re an amazing friend.

Beautiful Birthday Cards Messages for whatsapp status

You are one in a million; thank goodness, ’cause the world can’t handle a lot like you!

Each year is filled with new possibilities when we open our mind to that possibility.

For your birthday, I wanted to give you something funny & charming, but then I remember you already have me in your life so I got you…

Each year is filled with new possibilities when we open our mind to that possibility.

A year of building and moving forward, may your year be just like that.

Looking fifty years old is amazing, when you’re eighty… have a happy day anyway.

Don’t judge other people; unless they’re younger and hotter, then judge away.

Did you know it’s scientifically proven that people who have more birthdays

Beautiful Birthday Cards Messages for instagram caption

statistically live longer. Happy Birthday!

Look at each star in the sky this year as a possibility for something great in your life.

I wish I could get you a birthday gift that would make you as happy as Sheldon Cooper.

You’re funny, charming, and awesome. Too bad you’re also old, shrinking, and balding.

You have given so much to me in life, but today I want to spoil you treat you for being the wonderful person you’ve been.

Lots of people are thinking of you on your birthday; I just wanted to let you know that I’m one of them! Happy Birthday!

You are the sunniest person and the happiest friend. What a joy to be around you.

It’s time to drink champagne and dance on the table! Happy 21st Birthday…

You are a rare friend, and I’m so lucky to share this life with you. Happy birthday.

Beautiful Birthday Cards Messages for facebook status

When you tell people how old you are from this point onwards they will say you look half your age. As your friend, It is my responsibility to tell you the truth – you aren’t getting any younger, Happy 40th.

5 decades, 18,250 days, 438,000 hours. Big numbers! I think that deserves an even bigger celebration!

Age is a number and it doesn’t matter what number that is beWishing you the most important things in life; health, peace, love & happiness. Happy Birthday…cause I’ll still love you! Happy Birthday!

At 70 there are only two rules for a wonderful birthday. Rule 1 – have the time of your life. Rule 2 – Don’t forget rule 1.

You are four times as old as a twenty-year old. That means you’re four times the fun! Happy Birthday.

Today on your Birthday you have so many reasons to be grateful that you are alive and healthy. I also have a reason, you. Happy Birthday…


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